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Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing Campaigns are the fastest way of getting online results but it is important that they are strategically tailored to your business whether you’re a global conglomerate or a small to medium sized business. Often producing early and quick results it is important that your PPC campaign is effectively monitored by our One Media Solutions experts to ensure continued results are provided long term. This will avoid the ‘flash in the pan’ syndrome so often encountered by companies who instruct PPC services from other providers who do not go on to monitor your campaign. Our commitment to you both through our expertise and terms of business ensures that that once your PPC campaign is under our stewardship you will see continued results.

We will continually optimise and review your PPC campaign in conjunction with your online marketing budget ensuring your bid frequency is strategically tailored to reach as much as your target audience as possible. We focus on optimising conversion from increased click rates through to sales for a successful campaign. With our help we ensure your PPC campaign will meet your Return on Investment (ROI) target.

One Media Solutions will carry out extensive keyword research making sure your campaigns are built on the most relevant search terms. PPC campaigns can bring new customers straight to your site, who are searching for the very goods and services your company sell and offer.

From the outset of your campaign we can confirm that 100% of your PPC budget will go direct to the Search Engine company (Google / Yahoo etc).  Our OMS experts will continually monitor your campaign to ensure that you capture as much of your targeted audience as possible.  We will provide you with regular reports which will outline the progress you are making and you are free to discuss your campaign with your personal Account Manager at any time.  Having your individual Account Manager gives you direct access to the expert who is driving your pay per click campaign.  The expert works with you and is there to offer advice on the campaign but ultimately works under your instruction so that you remain in the driving seat

Pay Per Click advertising is a tried and tested result based provider.  For many businesses PPC campaigns form a significant part of their marketing budget which is key to their online success.  Regardless of the size of your business or your online marketing budget when a PPC campaign is strategically tailored and correctly implemented it delivers results.  The result that you require and we deliver is that you gain a positive Return on Investment.


We determine the best bid to place against each keyword in order to appear in the highest position and which correlates with your budget.

One Media Solutions split test ad copies making sure they are dynamic and contain the best “call to action” we then manage the ads to determine which ad copies gain the best interaction.

One Media Solutions set up your PPC campaign in order to make sure each user is delivered to the most relevant landing page of your website which matches their keyword.


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