Do you post on your Facebook page but wish you got more responses?

We understand that it is hard to think up of new and engaging content daily. You want your page to be fun and for people to talk back to you. Social Media is all about conversation after all. And people love to get involved with their local favourite businesses. So we have come up with some top ways of getting your fans to engage with your page more

Here are some Facebook posts which you can use which will gain you interaction:

1.       If you could eat only one thing (from our menu) for 365 days, what would it be?

You can edit this question to fit in with your products or services e.g. if you could only use one of our products for 365 days what would it be?
This type of question is great for generating responses and also receiving feedback from your customers.

2.       What did you get up to the weekend just gone? Share a photo that you took in the comments – picture with the most likes will feature as our cover image for the rest of the week! Contest ends Wednesday 11am

This type of post is great for restaurants or bars but can be just as responsive with most types of businesses. Fans and their friends find it hilarious to be featured on a business page and it really adds a sense of community to your page. It also making your customers feel valued and prompts responses from people who recognise people they know on your page.

3.       On a scale of 1 – 10 how much do you like **Enter Business Name** tomorrow at 2pm we’ll pick our biggest fan and feature them as our cover image.

As you can tell very similar to the previous post but the responses will give you (hopefully) more feedback of what your customers think on the whole. And again giving your fans the chance to appear on your page adds a humorous incentive.

Posts where you give a clear Call to Action will always tend to generate responses. Make sure you ask your fans what it is you want them to do or how you want them to answer. It makes it easier to start a conversation.

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