AI tools are coming onto the market, from seemingly, every direction. They can currently help with content creation: planning workflows, organising teams, generating images and editing copy plus much much more.

So is AI here to help us or to……..take our jobs!!!

We see it that AI is here to help us do our jobs a lot better. Those who understand how to use AI will replace those who ignore the technology.

Here are some of the ways AI can help:

  • Efficiency. AI helps you produce more work much faster. 
  • Creativity. AI unlocks new ideas and get projects off the ground which may have seemed too daunting to tackle before. 
  • Innovation. When new technology is introduced, it raised the standard for productivity and creativity across the board.

AI has been around for some time. However they are making the headlines now as they have landed on the mass market.

In summer 2022 DALL-E was launched, enabling people to experiment with image generation. Then in November 2022 came the infamous ChatGPT, specifically for text generation and editing. Over 1 million people used the tool within the first 4 days.

What makes AI different to that of a chatbot? 

Chatbots can only take simple actions, such as sending a link when a customer typed in a specific keyword. But AI can figure out what customers need based on “reading” their entire chat and produce a much more sophisticated response.

For example, an AI might read thousands of examples of articles about buying a house. Then it can predict which words and phrases are likely to come up in a new article on estate agents, the housing market and buying houses etc. The AI can string all this information into sentences, paragraphs and a structure. 

Here Are Our Top 3 AI Tools For Video & Image Generation and Copywriting & Editing 


One of the first image generators ad still one of the most powerful.

This is a really flexible tool, you simply type in a prompt and you will get a range of suggested images. You can refine your prompts to different styles, image fonts and colour schemes. 


Jasper is “two birds one stone kind of guy”.

It has Jasper Art, which has been designed with marketers in mind and can create any art or image. It is also a text generator, which has vast range of text templates and formats to get your marketing content started.

Last but by no means least (and you should have expected it coming)


It is the best known AI text generator out there at the moment and for a reason as it is probably the most advanced. It is produced by OpenAI the same team that brought us DALL-E 2.

Just like DALL-E2 you can write a prompt in simple English to get given a result.  There are no templates required. You can input and output as much text as you want. 

However please bear in mind that it’s training data only goes up to 2021. The AI will be able to discuss more up-to-date topics when the next version is released later this year. 

We’d love to hear your thoughts on AI and what you think it means for the future of content.