It’s January, the time we all look at the year ahead to identify goals and that includes Instagram itself.

In order to differentiate itself against its competition Instagram has said they are focussing on three priorities this year. They are:

  1. Inspire Creativity 
  2. Discover New Things
  3. Spark Connections

Lets breaks them down individually and look at how if business owners concentrate on them how they will help them grow on the platform.

Inspire Creativity:

Instagram wants its users to be as creative as possible (more originality by accounts the more followers will be engaged). To help you be creative Instagram has brought out ‘Reels Templates’ and ‘Music In Feed’ – we think this is just the beginning of Instagram encouraging creators and they will roll out customisable editing tools for photos, Stories, and Reels throughout the year. 

Now is the time to experiment and get creative as the more original your content the more likely the algorithm will favour it. So get practising and posting

Discover New Things

“Instagram should be a place where you discover amazing things every time you use it,” says Mosseri head of Instagram.

Instagram has been working on the Explore Page algorithm and showing users new content and accounts they think they will be interested in.

Your business account can now show to new customers from a keyword search and hashtags. This year, we predict the Explore page will level-up and start serving more trending topics, relevant profiles, and content. Think more the FYP on TikTok.

So again make sure you are mixing up your content and utilising all of instagrams features.

Spark Connections

Mosseri says Instagram wants to “spark connections between people over what they find.” Again this is so Instagram can stand out over its competitors.

Instead of being a “lean-back experience,” Instagram wants to encourage more discussion and collaboration amongst users. 

So, we’ll likely see more community-building features like Group Profiles and Collaborative Collections.

For brands and creators, it means you can connect with your audience in a more intimate way — whether it’s via exclusive behind-the scenes content, inspirational boards, or AMAs.