Here at One Media Solutions we work with a vast range of exciting clients, helping them with their online marketing and social media. One of the most popular platforms we help our clients with is Facebook and they would like to extend their reach on this valuable medium.

If you are a business owner and you use Facebook no doubt you would have noticed that interaction on your Facebook page  has decreased dramatically as Facebook is showing your posts to less people – unless, of course, you pay.

We have come up with some useful solutions, which have helped our clients increase engagement on their page without spending a penny.

Top Tip #1 – Show off Your Employees

After meeting one of our clients on their premises they showed us around and introduced us to their hardworking team. Each staff member brought something different to the company and they all worked extremely hard – one big happy family.

After meeting the team we thought everyone else should too – let’s use Facebook and ‘show off’ each employee, one each week.

We started with one of the customer service girls who worked front of house. We took a picture of her hard at work, we showed off her personality. So alongside her picture we had her bio of how longed she had worked for the company, her daily roles, where she was from and what she enjoyed to do outside of work.

Her photo generated 67 “Likes” and 9 comments and reached 1,574 people – an all-time record for our clients Facebook page.

We discovered that their customers loved to see the familiar faces that served them on the Facebook page and the employees themselves felt recognised for the work they do.

Top Tip #2 – Be A Touch More Creative With Your Images

As mentioned in one of our previous blogs: images are processed by the human brain a lot quicker than words, hence why Pinterest and Instagram are such popular platforms.

We read an article which said that regular photos posted on Facebook pages received, on average, a 2.3% click through rate. Whereas Instagram style photos received a whopping 8% click through rate.

We thought we would put this to the test with one of our clients. And we split test photos on their page throughout the course of 4 weeks. And each Instagram style of photo received, on average, 25 more likes than a photo of the same product without a filter.

Our clients are now even using the Instagram style photos on their website.

So grab your camera and start taking photos, most cameras on phones come with filter options. You will be seen as trendy and ahead of the competition if you do.

Top Tip #3 – Show You Have Fun

Facebook is about not only showing off your products and services but the people who work for you and your customers. Instead of taking regular posed for photos capture action shots of your employees and, with permission, your customers. And once or twice a week post them on your page. This is showing the real day to day experience of your company, whether you own a shop or work in an office.

Think of quirky captions for each photo which captures in a sentence what is going on.

So to summarise, to increase engagement on your page grab your camera, show off your employees, use different effects on images and show you’re happy at what you do.

Remember we work closely with all our clients making us a top Social Media Agency. We offer different Social Media Management packages to suit your budget and needs. So please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.