Ever wondered why you see what you see on ‘For You Page’? No two FYP are the same and there is a strategic reason for this.

The algorithm considers videos you’ve interacted with in the past, accounts and hashtags you follow, your location and language preferences, and even the type of content you create.

So instead of being populated entirely with videos from the people you follow, your FYP is filled with videos TikTok’s algorithm thinks you’ll enjoy — mostly from creators you don’t already know.

The main contributors being: user activity, video subject matter, location and language, audio, and “Not Interested” feedback. 

Let’s dive in deeper:

1. User Activity 

The more engagement and views a TikTok video receives, the more likely it will be served to larger audiences. Positive indicators include:

  • Likes
  • Comments 
  • Shares
  • Completions and re-watches
  • Account follows

2. Subject Matter (Video Information)

TikTok is great at categorizing content based on user interests, so subject matter is an important factor when it comes to reach potential on the app.

TikTok determines subject matter from:

  • Caption keywords
  • Sounds
  • Hashtags
  • Effects
  • Content (i.e video transcripts)

3. Location and Language

The algorithm recognizes a user’s device settings (including location and language) when deciding who may be interested in a video. These include:

  • Posting location
  • Language preferences
  • Type of mobile device 

4. Audio

When a video includes a trending song or sound, the algorithm will use this to categorize your content and serve it to relevant audiences. 

Tapping into trending audio is great for landing on more FYPs — especially if you jump on the new trend early. 

5. “Not Interested” Feedback

TikTok’s algorithm is always trying to serve high-interest videos to every user, and it uses previous activity to determine this:

  • Videos you’ve marked as “Not Interested”
  • Users you’ve hidden
  • Videos you skip through