You asked for it so we’ve written in. We tweeted earlier today letting you know that Facebook has introduced a new feature for its users – Save for Later. “What is it?” we heard you cry, so we’ve written you this blog to explain further.

On Monday 21st July Facebook introduced a feature allowing users to save things they are interested in – but do not have time to look into – until later.

The new feature is called ‘Save’ and lets you click a flag button on links, places and music so you can come back to them later to investigate further when you have time. “Saved items are personal, meaning they won’t appear to your friends unless you choose them to.”

To save an item which has appeared to you in your News Feed you simply click a drop down menu in the posts top right hand corner. If you are looking at a place or music Page a new ‘Save’ tab will appear under that Page’s profile photo.

To view your saved items you simply click the ‘More’ tab on a mobile device or hitting the ‘saved’ link on the left hand rail of the desktop version.

This is great news for business page owners as now people can save your business page to look into further if it has appeared on their News Feed via a friend.

It will also make reading into trending topics a lot more easier – as before this introduction of saved items there was no easy way to re-visit Facebook posts. As Facebooks algorithm doesn’t surface items chronologically it was possible a story you were interested in re-visiting wouldn’t surface again.

Items you have saved will now resurface to you as Facebook will add reminders in your News Feed to check out the links and places you have flagged.

Of course, Twitter, has allowed you to favourite tweets making it easier for you to re-visit a tweet or link you have found interesting. So is this Facebooks answer to favourite-ing a tweet? If you simply liked a post before this feature you had to access your activity log to retrieve it. And on top of that everyone could see the post or link you liked – not always ideal if you want to keep things private.

Facebook has announced on its blog that the Save will be available to all users within the next few days.

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