Managing a Facebook Page is a time consuming job; thinking up content, monitoring for mentions building an audience. And then there are Facebook Page Insights – which seem to take forever to decipher and work out. (Remember if it’s too time consuming a social media agency like us are on hand to help)

We love Facebook Insights and the depth they go into but managing a Facebook page is not a person’s only job and it can take time, so even though we do recommend, that at least once a month you read through all your insights, here are some easy pointers to look out for.

You should now be aware that Facebook has updated everyone’s Facebook page, both the desktop and mobile app versions. On the new layout you can now skim down your timeline and click on the number of “people reached” –  Facebook will not automatically show you stats for that particular post. You can view reach, engagement and actions (post clicks).

We would like to focus on the “Post Clicks” stats. At a glance your reach and interaction from a post can seem disheartening. You’ve spent time thinking up great content, your overall reach number may seem low and you may have only received 5 likes no shares and minimal comments. But all is not lost because these numbers are not telling you the true engagement of your post.

The “Post Click” metric may seem the most confusing from all of the stats as it contains the mysterious metric “Other Clicks”. When you post something on your page you can easily see the number of Likes, Comments and Shares, you also see Photo Views, Link Clicks and Video Plays. However just because someone has not engaged with your post using the above doesn’t mean they didn’t take any action. The number you want to concentrate on is “Other Clicks” number.

“This number is any post click that isn’t a Link click, photo view or video play. These clicks can include clicks on people’s names in comments, clicks on the like count, clicks on the time.”

So just because someone has not clicked on your specific post (i.e. pressed the like button) it does not mean you’ve failed. They may have clicked somewhere else. This is, by far, the easiest way to monitor how your posts are doing without having to spend time going through Facebook Insights.

So the next time you’re feeling down about little or no interaction remember to click on your reach and look at your real reach.

If you feel you’re not managing your Facebook page as best you could be then please bear One Media Solutions in mind as your social media agency. We are experts in what we do and do not sign our clients into contracts.