We love visual marketing at One Media Solutions and we have sung the praises of Instagram and in today’s blog we would like to focus on Pinterest.

A lot of our clients have felt the benefits of Facebook and Twitter for their businesses but most, are yet, to convert and spend time on Pinterest.

Pinterest has many unique advantages, which your business should be utilising.

Pinterest allows users to create online ‘mood boards’ by pinning images found whilst browsing the internet or Pinterest category feeds.

Not only is this a great marketing tool for your business where your images, products and services can be shared (re-pinned) but it also allows you, as a business, to gain many benefits.

Keep an Eye on Your Competition

It is never wise to ignore your competition, on Pinterest you can set up ‘secret boards’ which are not visible to others. You can use your secret boards to pin new products your competition are launching and news / announcements they’re publishing.

This way you can plan your own marketing strategy for products and offers and take advantage of what your competition is or is not saying or doing.

Market Research

Pinterest allows you to carry out great market research. You can keep watch on your industry trends and see what it is, at present, popular by consumers. What they are re-pinning and sharing the most. You can gather all of this information related to your target market and build a marketing campaign around it.

New Customers

Through looking at peoples personal boards you can target individuals as new customers. You can research whether you think a particular person or a group of individuals would like your products. You can the pin images of your products on their guest boards or structure a marketing campaign to target them on Pinterest.

More Heads Are Better than One

No individual can have all the answers, if your company is working towards a specific goal then involve your whole team, asking for ideas and inspiration. Pinterest gives easy access for brainstorming purposes. You can use your private boards to collaborate ideas and keep a team within your company up to date on projects and ideas.

Showcase Your Staff

Pinterest is not just a great platform to showcase your products but also your staff. You can assign each member of staff a board which showcases who they are and their interests and background on them. People love to see behind the scenes on companies they buy from, Pinterest is a great way to do this.

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