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Social Media is no longer a hobby it is a habit.
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One Media Solutions converts your social media efforts into direct sales. We’re an innovative leading social media agency.

People now spend more time using social media online than ever before. Social Media is one of the strongest marketing tools at your disposal therefore One Media Solutions will help you create your social media presence. Build your social media audience and formulate the best way for you to interact with your social media following. Being a leading social media agency we have helped a varied list of clients reach top results year after year.

We identify who is your target market and help you speak specifically to them in order to gain direct business results.

We are a result driven Social Media Agency and offer bespoke Social Media services to suit your needs.

We can offer content creation, social media strategies, social media calendars, social media competitions and full social media management all at a level which fits in best for your business.

Social Media is about conversation and sharing. Exciting informative content will get shared. One Media Solutions is a social media agency who has a dedicated and experienced social media team who work to make sure your social media efforts gain a positive return on your investment. Within our social media agency we have a happy band of social media account managers who will be assigned to work with you.

Your customers are listening, can they hear you?

Your customers will be talking about you, and if they’re not, then your business needs to take positive action so that they are. In the social media world of sharing you need to make sure your voice is being heard and spread and you’re responding to comments.

You need to build up a strong social media presence to get your message spread far and wide. A strong relevant following will enable your products and services to reach further places, which you could not have reached so easily before.

We are a Social Media Agency who create campaigns which are not about sale messages, we are here to encourage interaction and conversation. As a Social Media  Agency we help create and strengthen your relationship with your clients. It’s a two way street which benefits everyone. One Media Solutions are here to help you get the most out of your Social Media.

Why Your Business Needs Social Media:

There are many social media platforms to choose from. One Media Solutions will determine which platforms your business will benefit from the most.

  • We convert your social media efforts into positive business results.
  • We offer a level of management to suit you and your budget.
  • We build up a strong and lasting relationship with your clients.
  • We have Social Media Experts in place to solely look after your business sector.
  • Every Social Media Management service is tailored made for you.
  • Our Social Media Management saves you time to run your business.
  • We send a consistent uniformed positive voice from your company pages.
  • We measure all of our Social Media efforts so you know what works.